Hello, and welcome to the Hamish & Andy website.

Apologies to any people looking for the joint fan page of scottish TV series Hamish McBeth and actress Andie MacDowell. It is no longer at this web address. This is the website for Radio/TV duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee.

Please resist the urge to email about this, we have had to outsource the facilitation of all McBeth/MacDowell related emails to monkeys on typewriters. In the current climate, monkeys are paid extremely well, and that is on top of the cost of typewriter lessons. - Hamish (Blake) & Andy (Lee)

Latest stuff…

Fun at home

Gang Tips

It’s not always easy being in a gang. That’s why we’ve created some tips for you to better your gang experience. Gang Tip #29: Know … continue reading 

Ahh, the memories…

Isn’t it terrible when everyone is talking about the excellent times they had and laughing about that amazing moment and you’d kill yourself if you weren’t there… well, don’t be that guy! Dive into the archive and be prepared for next time you see us.