Recently we uploaded our first “Board Meeting” podcast, in which we discuss various issues that have been bought to our attention via email. One such issue was the existence of a “hot chips vending machine” (see photo below). Such a brilliant invention was obviously met with the same enthusiasm you’d give x-ray goggles if you were at the Playboy Mansion, or Post-It notes if it was 1979 (a year before they became commercially available).

But we’re naturally cautious guys, and we knew from that time we tried to eat plastic display grapes, things aren’t always as they seem. Certain words were bandied around. “Hoax”, scoffed Andy, “Midget in a cupboard with one cup of chips” scoffed the other guy.

Looking back on it, how wrong we were. Hot chip vending machines DO exist, and we know that now through avalanche of emails we’ve received telling us so, much like the golden avalanche of fried potato slivers you’d receive if you were standing in front of one of these glorious machines and had paid the correct amount of money to it.

This process is exactly why we do board meetings: we can’t be bothered googling things because we know you always will. Bless you.

Photo from Young Jang.

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