People Points

You have given us a wide array of challenges for our Gap Year in New York. Together with you we are grading them as to how many points each achievement is worth. Is there anything you’d like us to do? Then email us, along with how many points you think it’s worth.

10 points – Get in the White House
10 points – Moon the White House (Pending inclusion due to Andy’s naysaying)
500 points – Nudie run through Central Park (Pending inclusion due to Andy’s naysaying)
1,000 points – Get the two cases of Steven Seagal’s Lightning Bolt energy drink that he owes Hamish
2,000 points – A BBQ with Hillary & Bill Clinton
6,500 points – Have a go on the Hoverboard
7,000 points – Get in the Playboy mansion
10,000 points – Meet Barack Obama
21,000 points – Andy to marry an elderly Playboy bunny
1,000,000 points – Barack Obama to skull a can of Lightning Bolt energy drink

Tell your mates…