May 13, 2011: Fred Basset

Bassetonians, it is I, Hamish, Supreme Overlord of the resistance (by the way, I have made you all Grand Overlords as a token of my appreciation to your continued support. Whilst it is true that “Supreme” outranks “Grand”it’s only by a tiny bit and just ceremonial purposes).

A few people reported glitches in the past few weeks of Basset and some even reported not being able to download them. I have looked into this issue and whilst I don’t have enough evidence to imprison him forever for this crime, I am fairly sure it was Andy. But enough chat, on with this weeks Basset!

Todays basset is a neat little two panneler. Proof once again that you don’t need the bells and whistles of Pixar, or even three panels, to weave animatory brilliance. In the first panel we have a nice tight close up of Fred, as he quizzically asks us “crime doesn’t pay?”. You will note the question mark at the end of this sentence, which we know from school means that Fred is asking a question. So we’re all kind of thinking “what are you getting at Fred? We all know crime doesn’t pay, and we would have bet the farm on the fact that you supported that ideal too as you are a very ethical dog. So what’s with the question mark Fred? Why the question mark? Why are you questioning this sacred rule of any law abiding society?”

In the second panel, the punch line cell, Fred once again forces us to reassess our previously held notions of him. Here we were, certain, Fred is against crime, but he’s wrong footed us again!! He is devouring a string of sausages (or possibly very large peanuts) and gleefully proclaiming “this one did!” as if to suggest that he’s usually anti crime (as we suspected) but not when it comes to sausages. Sausage crime is OK (great slogan for a T shirt by the way if anyone’s keen to make it). Bravo Fred. P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-platinum Basset!

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