March 4, 2011: Fred Basset

Hi gang, I love you (best to get it out of the way at the top).

So today’s Basset is a two panel Basset. Nice and punchy, and a great pay off. As Confucius said “two panels can sometimes be piss funny”. Well said our wise old friend (and also, RIP).

In the first panel, we see Fred’s rear end (it’s OK, it’s not sexual or anything) heading into a store of some type, being flanked by his owners. To be fair, we don’t know it’s his owners, but an experienced reader would be excused for making such a safe assumption. In fact, as someone that’s already read on – spoiler alert: it is his owners. You can see that one of them is saying “I’d just like to nip in here and look at some curtains, dear!” and Fred does appear to be happy, due to a small amount of tail waggage.

In the next cell, the punchline cell, the fear that the end of this strip has come too soon is offset by the abundance of comedy. We are now treated to a wide shot of the store that Fred and Co have gone in, and see that it’s some sort of haberdashery/linen store and while Fred’s owners are presumably shopping, we see Fred has just plopped himself on some cushions!! This isn’t a chore at all! Suddenly we see Fred’s in PARADISE and to top it off, he’s saying “take your time!”. I bet you’d love them to take their time mate! You’re in bloody cushions!!! Brilliant! P-p-p-p-p-p-platinum Basset!!!

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