March 28, 2011: Fred Basset

Bassetonians. First things first.

I deliberately withheld this weeks Basset to see if there would be outrage from the brotherhood. I am pleased to say that whilst not everyone was up in arms when it wasn’t published on Friday, there was “mild” outrage over the weekend which warmed my heart and let me know the movement is alive and well. So let’s keep those fire’s burning, tell your friends, families, business associates and chiropractors’ tennis partners: once we get to 5 million facebook Bassetonians, it’s back on the air! That’s business out of the way, let’s laugh.

Todays Basset is a 3 panel Basset. In the first panel, we have a bit of classic all-action-no-talking Fred. He’s running flat out after a cat. We can tell this is a high speed chase due to the prominence of speed lines, and even a “speed cloud” emanating from the cat. To the untrained eye, you’d think this is a pretty cut and dried cat snatch here from Fred. But you my friends, have very trained eyes, and know not to expect the expected from FB.

In the second panel, Fred is now, as expected, doing something quite unexpected. He’s slammed on the brakes! Why Fred? Why, when you were so close to grabbing that cat and giving it a good clip around it’s catty ears, would you suddenly show such un-doglike mercy? WHY!??

In the third cell, the punchline cell, we find out why. Fred did not in fact CHOOSE, to let the cat go, the cat (showing typical catlike cunning) has evaded capture through a slim opening in a fence that Fred’s muscular frame couldn’t possibly pass through. The cat is now arrogantly strolling off, at a relaxed pace, which is even more infuriating How has Fred handled this? Has he gone beserk? Has he turned to drugs? No, he simply quips; “He had a narrow escape”!! That’s how the master handles it, with world class humour. You lost the race to the cat Fred, but you just won comedy gold. Or should that be, comedy p-p-p-p-p-p-p-platinum! Basset.

Tell your mates…