March 18, 2011: Fred Basset

Hello sacred members of an elite underground group.

Today’s basset is a 3 panel basset, the classic number of panels as voted by 88% of the 3 billion recipients of a recent poll.

In the first panel, we have Fred lying in an almost defensive position as he’s encircled by two of his canine compadres. His crouched position is reminiscent of a middle aged woman surrounded by gypsy children whilst on a European holiday. Cautious, yet fascinated. There are a mixture of “yips” and “yaps” emanating from the dogs.

In the second panel, the yipping and yapping has continued, and Fred continues to be a silent observer. A feeling of nervousness is now creeping into the reader. Why isn’t Fred responding? What’s he thinking? Where the heck is this going? All great questions, and there’s only one place we’re going to find out.

In the third cell, the Punch Line Cell, for those thinking Fred was perhaps going to go ballistic and tear their heads off, you’re wrong. Instead, after making us think he was getting annoyed now HE’S up and running WITH them and now he’s going “woof” repeatedly! He’s also yellthinking “their enthusiasm is infectious!”. He’s not angry, he’s bloody joining in!!! Classic wrongfoot from the master. No reason this isn’t: P-p-p-p-platinum basset!

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