March 11, 2011: Fred Basset


Good morrow to all Bassetonians, how art thou? Greath.

Today’s Basset would be referred to by the uneducated, as “simplistic”. Incorrect. Whilst today’s Basset is only two panels, the fact that we can gain an insight into this incredible pooch’s life in such a short span of time is testament to the elegance of Basset. Keep the resistance strong my friends, let’s do this.

In the first panel, we see Fred’s male owner walking, nay striding, down the hall towards the kitchen. He’s proclaiming to all and sundry “Boy, I’m ravenous!”. Fred is perched in his midnight blue doggy bed, and has turned his head approximately 110 degrees to see what is happening. His attitude is fairly hard to read in this panel of the comic, but if pressed, you’d say his mood has tones of melancholy. Still, a big claim has just been made in the house, and if we know Fred (and I think we do), he’s not going to let that go without a quip.

In the second panel, the punch line cell, we are not disappointed. The frame is now an extreme close up on Fred which usually means he’s about to drop a zinger. With a folorn look on his face, he exhales “join the club!”. This is brilliant. On one hand, a great gag since he’s ALWAYS hungry, on another hand, just a really funny thing for a dog to say. Slightly sexist, sure, and that stops it being platinum, but still a bloody classic.

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