Laurie Oakes, our silent third member

Adding fuel to the rumour (we just made up) that whenever veteran journalist Laurie Oakes travels, we shadow him to make sure he comes to no harm, look who I ran into at a comedy club on our first night in NY!

Sadly Andy was in a different part of town trying to find Peter Harvey at a rave (no luck) but as soon as he saw me 20 mins ago he could tell from my glow I’d run into Oakes.

The highlight for me was when one of the comics was talking about the sheer quantity of pornography he looks at on the internet, Laurie kept yelling “then why wont you release those figures to the Australian public!??”. I guess it’s hard to shake that investigative streak.

(Sidenote: he didn’t really yell that, he loved the show. To the point where I think the PM could afford to work a bit edgier in her addresses).

Tell your mates…