July 4, 2011: Fred Basset

Friends, allies, heroes, believer, Bassetonians, Bassetinnians, Bassetuvians, others.

It has been over one week since our last update, a delay that has caused many of you to wonder where the resistance has gone, but others to applaud our sneaky nature by not letting Andy predict exactly when they will go up. There is an excellent reason for the brief interlude, yet sadly my eagerness to fill your eyes with Basset surpasses my ability to fill you in so you’ll have to take my word for it that the delay was definitely for the best, and it’s great to be back!

Todays Basset is a good old two pannelar, and a classic example of life in New York City. Almost as if Fred is acknowledging the people’s Gap Year. I say “almost” because that’s definitely what he’s done, there’s no two ways about it. Thanks Frederick.

In the first panel Fred is enjoying a bone with two of his mates, chowing down on it whilst relaxing on an expanse of green that is quite clearly grass. As you’d be aware under the conventions of comic strips, the lads are thoroughly enjoying the bone. The kind enjoyment that makes you hope to meet a wizard today so you could become a dog and really get in on the act.

In the second cell, the punch line cell, Fred has finished enjoying the bone and wandered off to a nearby sign, which clearly reads (uh oh) “Keep off the grass” (uh oh). Immediately your eye is drawn to Fred, to see how he’s going to deal with this new information that he’s broken the law. You know in your heart he’s done for, he’s already been on the grass, we all saw it in panel one. That same heart is racing, what’s Fred going to do?? Brilliantly, he quips, “too late”!! You burst out laughing. Here we were thinking he’s going away to the clink for life, and all he does is just gag his way out of it. Screw the fuzz Fred, you’re the best! P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-platinum Basset!!!

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