Hamish’s smugness

Hamish is feeling very smug after Andy apologised to him for not believing that he spotted celebrity and Victoria Secret model Adriana Lima at his gym. The apology went:

To my dearest friend Hamish,

On behalf of myself, Chief Naysayer, and my enormous crew of fellow Naysayers out there. We wish to apologise. For as fate would have it, the lady in your exercise class was in fact Victoria Secret model Adiana Lima.

We feel terrible about this… we feel terrible not because we didn’t believe you, but because there is no worse feeling than seeing your smug face grinning at me right now. A face I have become all too familiar with in the last few days.

For others in the negative brigade, I don’t ask but demand you go to hamishandandy.com immediately cause it is unfair that I have to endure this smugness alone… please take your medicine like I have.

Yours Sincerely, Andy ‘Shock and Flabbergasted’ Lee.

This prompted the following look on Hamish’s face:

…Which sounded like this:

Tell your mates…