Hamish & Andy Were Music

About three years ago we launched a segment on the radio show called “Hamish & Andy Are Music (Are Music)”.

Using just our voices we had to re-create Bohemian Rhapsody (chosen by the people) with just our voices.

It was a classic Hamish vs Andy scenario, but due to the sheer amount of time it took to make just 30 seconds of the track, we only ever played the game twice.

In this clip, a guy called Matt Mulholland does a much better job of the song than we did, but we’re holding on tight to the mantra “WE DID IT FIRST MULHOLLAND!”

Thanks to Patrick on the email for the video link.

Jump back to March 2008 when we made our A Capella versions of Bohemian Rhapsody on the radio show. DO NOT compare the quality of our version to Matt Mulholland's version, this is three years old now and we did it before Mac + Windows teamed up to release ADOBE A CAPELLA, BOHEMIAN RHAPSODY EDITION which we suspect Matt has used.

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