Gap Year FAQ

Are you guys really going to New York?



Yes. And please, if it’s OK, take our word for it otherwise this whole page will just be clarification of one issue.

Is it for a whole year?

No. “Gap Year” is a catchy yet inaccurate title for our trip as we’ll only be away for a few months, but “year” makes it sound impressive and like we’ve achieved something.

Are you already over there?

If we were over there, then could we do THIS?? (for those that can’t see, we’re touching a eucalyptus tree). No, we’re not, but we leave in a few short weeks (we’re waiting for the dollar to hit $5US).

Are you going straight to NY?

Not quite. For those who haven’t noticed, we like to squeeze in as much holidaying and general goofing off as possible, so we’ll grab a few happy snaps and decorative spoons on the way across the states, then hit NY mid June! And you know what rhymes with “mid –June”: “that’s soon”. You’re right, it is, that’s why we’re smiling excitedly as we write this.

Do you have everything organised?

No, not even close, and quite frankly we’d love your help. At the moment we’ve only packed those tiny clip on koalas to give as souvenirs so any tips, help, advice, things you’d like us to see for you, celebrities garbage you’d like us to rifle through, whatever, please email us! It’s your Gap Year as well, we can’t be doing all the work.

I read in an economics and world politics journal (TV Week) you’re doing some TV shows from over there?

Those investigative geniuses! They’ve done it again! We thought it would be pretty fun to not only go on a Gap Year to NY, but to be able to do a TV show from there as well to share the adventure with everyone. Channel Nine said we could show it to you every week using their TV station and we laughed and laughed and yelled, “fools! That’s exactly what we wanted you to say!” but not till we’d left the building. Then we felt bad later because, let’s face it, they’re being pretty nice to us.

What’s the show going to be?

We’re going to find somewhere from New York to set up a make shift studio that is big enough to house anyone that wants to join us. Once we get cameras and a big satellite dish in there, we’ll be able to show you guys what we’ve been up to in NY, around the US, have guests on, and (if history proves correct) showcase any facial injuries Andy has sustained that week. It’ll be the same kind of adventures we’ve had on radio and TV for the last 5 years, but all condensed into one weekly show! It’s going to be, in a word: super fun (we’ve used an extra word because we got caught up in the moment).

How many episodes?

We have used a scientific formula (number of fingers on Andy’s hands plus number of fingers on Hamish’s hands, divided by two) and decided that 10 episodes feels like the perfect amount.

What are you going to do during the week?

We have not just a whole city and it’s people to explore, but a whole country, so we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to fill in our week. But also, we’ll probably need to get casual jobs. Early days: we’re hoping to be pretzel stand attendants.

You’ll still do the radio show right?

The only reason we haven’t written down the sound of a scoffing noise is because we don’t know how to spell it, but that’s the noise we’re making. Of COURSE we’ll still do the show, as if we wouldn’t. A Random John’s not going to call himself.

I heard Tiffany’s is in New York, can you get me a padlock pendant?

Probably not, but more than happy to pick up an I heart NY t shirt for you.

Well, I’m bloody excited, have a USAmazing time!

Ha ha, thanks. Clearly we’ve put that “FAQ” in ourselves, but we still thank you for hopefully feeling the same way. Please email in any questions you’ve got about this Gap Year. We really can’t wait to take you on this next adventure, it’s going to be a blast.

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