February 18, 2011: Fred Basset

Hello Bretheren/Sisterthren.

Todays Basset is elegant, brilliant, and scrumptious. In the first panel, we see Fred’s head frantically whizzing up and down. He’s nodding but it’s very fast nodding, and as a reader you’re thinking, “Fred if you’re answering the rhetorical question of “are you brilliant”, you’re right!!” Ha ha ha. It’s always great to know you’re onto a great Basset, and there certainly is this feeling here.

In the second panel, what’s this? He’s doing the same thing! Fred, you crazy hound, what the heck is going on? You’re killing us here. Has there been a printing error!? Are you going to do the same thing forever? Has Basset been sucked into a recursive loop from which there is no escape?

Third panel. Punchline. No. We’re not being sucked into a recursive loop. It’s a yo yo! That’s why his head was going up and down. If anyone’s being sucked in to anything, it’s us, being sucked into a brilliant scenario by the master. To ice this comedy cake, Fred is saying “Totally hypnotizing”, to ram home how caught in the yo yos trace he was, just like we got caught in his. Not Platinum, but pretty pure diamond. Amen.

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