February 25, 2011: Fred Basset

Hello Bassetfans, god you’re brilliant.

So I hope you’re ready for a treat. Today’s Basset is a four panel Basset (five if you’re including the title panel, which I don’t, and never ever will).

In the first panel we have a classic set up. Freds male owner is yelling at him to get off the couch with an “Off, Fred!”. There’s no mistaking that, but Fred is clearly not interested in moving. He’s still as a rock. Shit is about to get interesting. Here we go.

In the second panel, Fred’s male owner has now switched the ordering of his sentence with “Fred, off!”. He’s scowling. But it seems that Fred ain’t moving (even though he’s not in frame, but you get the sense).

In the third panel, things are getting crazy tense. Hand signals are now in play as you sense Fred is being given his final warning. The thumb gesture being made by his owner is now accompanied by a no nonsense “Off I said!”. Something has to happen soon. We’re running out of panels and we’ve got a real powder keg of a situation here. As a reader you’re basically freaking out by this stage at an historic stalemate.

In the fourth cell, the punch line cell, Fred’s Owner has blown his stack. He’s got a hand on his hip, and is clearly fed up. He’s loudly asking, “Did you hear me Fred?!” As a reader you’re thinking, “this is it, it’s going to get ugly, there’s going to be a showdown”. But no, instead, Fred says (get this) “Not a word!” Isn’t that incredible!? He’s answering in English to a sentence asked in English so he clearly DID hear what was said! Fred! That’s a bloody hilarious lie!!! P-P-P-P-Platinum Basset!!

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