February 11, 2011: Fred Basset

Today’s Basset is a three panel Basset, and could I just take this opportunity to welcome new members to the brotherhood, it’s great to have you here.

In the first panel we get, quite frankly, a bit of a treat. Fred’s angry! This is a rare occurrence, but one that will surely thrill fans, as seldom do we get to see this affable pooch with his back fur rippling, downwards slanted eyebrows, and a slight forwards lean that all convey Fred is ready for battle. He is saying, nay almost shouting, “Finally, Brutus and I- Head to Head!”. Your natural instinct is to urge Fred to be cautious, but it doesn’t look like he’d listen. We’re poised for a great adventure.

In the second panel, uh oh, what’s this? Fred seems to have been taken aback by something. We can’t see what he’s looking at, but let me tell you it’s a bit of a one-eighty attitude-wise from the Fred we saw in panel number one! Fred’s saying, “there is one thing that concerns me though..” and as a reader you’re basically just already bursting with laughter, without even knowing what sort of mess old Fred’s got himself into now.

In the third cell, the punch line cell, the full extent of Fred’s predicament is laid bare. We find out that “Brutus” (mentioned in cell one) is a very big dog indeed, and already as a reader you are wondering how Fred missed this. The name “Brutus” should have been a giveaway if nothing else. Still, that’s Fred, that’s why we love him, and we haven’t even got to the punchline yet. Fred’s saying “the size of his head!” Classic wordplay from the master here as you’ll remember a head-to-head contest was exactly the kind of contest Fred seemed to be interested in, a mere two panels ago. Complete disaster for Fred, utterly fantastic entertainment for us. P-p-p-p-p-p-p-p-platinum Basset!

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