February 4, 2011: Fred Basset

Today’s Basset is a three panel Basset.

In the first cell, Fred is perched up on a comfortable one seater armchair. He is clearly in motion as his right paw is raised in a mischievous way. He is thinking, “One” although we know as a reader there’s more to come as there are three dots after the one that signify an unfinished sentence.

In the second panel, we see Fred was indeed on the move! He’s now at the windowsill and on his way out a carelessly left open window! He is in an EXTREMELY precarious position, but we can tell he doesn’t mind, because he’s smirking. He’s definitely up to something, and continuing on from his “one” thought, he’s now saying “two”. It’s so Fred.

In the third cell, the punch line cell, Fred is now in MID AIR! He’s leapt out of the house and into the yard. We can see he’s pretty delighted, but also enjoying this act of rebellion by the slightly evil smile on his face. With this glorious leap, he’s now yelling “free!” which is a terrific joke taking advantage of leading us down the old “one, two, three” path but then switching the last word just when we we’re getting into a pattern. One, two… free! Brilliant. Platinum Basset.

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