Backpack Awareness

It might be time for the government to sink some funds into ‘Backpack Awareness’. It’s been troubling to see the amount of accidents arising from those with poor ‘BA’.

Essentially, you are carrying a weapon on your back. We saw a 17-year-old male swing around to check out a bunch of girls at a crossing and collide with an elderly lady. The centrifugal force of the bag was so great that the grandma’s arm was knocked clean off. She said she had a good run with her left arm and wasn’t bothered, but imagine it had happened to someone younger.

Most backpacks add to the diameter of a person by 24cm (or a quarter meter). Something should be done. You never saw the Hunchback of Notre Dame hitting people and he was running around with the equivalent of a full-time Crumpler laptop bag on his back.

Tell your mates…