April 8, 2011: Fred Basset

Good Basset to you Bassetonians.

Todays Basset is a three panel Basset and without wanting to build a “hype-scraper” (like a skyscraper but made purely from hype), it’s a cracker.

In the first panel, we have a classic numbers based set up. Fred is on some sort of ledge, front right paw extended, and is saying, “One…”. For those of you who are familiar with positive numbers, you would know that “one” comes at the start of an infinite list of numbers, so immediately you’re thinking: “where the heck are you taking me Fred? To infinity?” We hope not, because that’s Buzz LIghtyears catchphrase.

In the second panel, the theory that Fred is counting to infinity is reinforced by Fred repeating the next two numbers in the “one to infinity” range, “Two…three”. We can see now that Fred is also balancing on a slightly wobbly chair, and as the reader you automatically ask yourself if the chair will hold out until Fred gets to infinity, or if he might indeed be reaching for something. The scene is set.

In the third panel, the punchline-cell, our previous “infinity theory” is hilariously dashed. We see that Fred was not in fact counting to infinity (even though that would have been a great cartoon to read), he was counting to a much smaller number: four. How did he go? Well put your laugh coats on cos a gag storm is brewing! Firstly, he didn’t even make it to the table he was trying to climb on (classic physical humour), secondly, instead of saying “four” as we all expected, he’s ripped out with “Floor”!! Brilliant! Sound similar, but is insanely funnier. P-p-p-p-p-p-platinum Basset!!


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