April 3, 2011: Fred Basset

Hello Keepers of The Faith.

Todays Basset is once again delayed, not as a test, but this time more due to me laughing and laughing at this particular Basset for a few days uncontrollably, then when the laughter finally died down to chuckles (around 5am this morning) I realized it was Sunday. Quite ironically, the Lord’s day of rest. Ironic in the sense that Fred never rests (unless a punch line relies on him resting).

I digress. Todays Basset is a two panel Basset, although, due to the reasons I gave above, it could easily be extended into roughly a 45 panel Basset with 43 just devoted to Fred doing a lap of honour, soaking up laughs and applause. In the first panel, we see Freds male owner offering him food from the table. This is normally a source of great delight for Fred as “table food” is one of his favourite foods. However on this occasion, we get the sense Fred is quite disgruntles as he is saying (almost scoffing), “a cracker?”. The stage is set.

Second panel, punch line cell. Nice tight frame on Fred’s head which tells us, the experienced Basset reader, that the mine has been dug and the gold is on it’s way to the surface. Fred, with wounded puppy dog eyes (and a cracker IN his mouth, mind you) retorts (wait for it): “Not quite the square meal I had in mind!” Bang! Obviously it goes without saying the cracker is rectangular, and since the square is essentially an equal sided rectangle, all you need is year four geometry to know Fred has completely nailed this gag!! P-P-P-P-P-PLATINUM BASSET!! Ha ha aha haha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha (I’m off again, see you in 50 hours).

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