April 15, 2011: Fred Basset

Hello Basset fans, bonjour Basset admirateurs (French).

Whilst some of my intro was in French, I will probably do todays Basset completely in English as a homage to the mother tongue in which Fred was written (English).

Today’s Basset is a three panel Basset that I am willing to promise early has action, heartbreak, and of course, a killer punchline.

In the first panel we are reminded of the callousness of Fred’s owners as we see Fred perched inside watching them drive from their home, off to some presumably fun activity, without Fred. Fred’s dismay is clear as he exclaims “Going out without me again?!” accompanied by some quite angry eyebrows.

In the second panel Fred, still with those eyebrows, wastes no time retaliating by announcing (to us, because there’s no one else home) “Well, I’m not going to stand for it!”. At this point, you’re probably thinking; oh, I bet he’s been working on his own car that runs on grass and bark and he’s got it out the back and is going to burn after his owners into town and when he’s level with their car threaten them with a perfect replica of a gun he’s made from tin foil. Well you’re MILES off.

In the third cell, the punch line cell, we realize that Fred does not really have a plan at all. So what, was he just lying to us when he said he’s not gong to stand for it? Wrong again. He’s not going to stand for it, which is why he’s bloody lying down!! He’s got back at them by doing nothing! To top it off, he’s thrown out a cheeky “see!” to prove to us he’s a man of his word. Touche comedy canine, touché. P-p-p-p-p-p-p-platinum Basset!!

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