1st #Twimerick

In true social poetic fashion Andy collaborated with people on Twitter to create a limerick about Hamish. Here’s how it went:

Launching the twimerick (tweet/ limerick): tweet me the next line. “There once was a man called Ham…” A

Second line is in RT @dallas_andrew Whose belly started to look like spam… #fromonefattytoanother. A

The third line: ‘He barely wore pants…’ Lay the fourth and the closer lines on me guys. #Twimerick A

Fourth line’s arrived RT @TADO_93 ‘Cos they tore when he danced’. Just need the final line rhyming with ‘Ham’ of course. #Twimerick A

We have a last line!!! RT @flossies_army ‘So he lets it all hang out, cos he can.’ I’ll send the whole thing through in bit… standby. A

Congrats to all, collectively we trumped Shakespeare. Looking forward to the next #Twimerick. A

Tell your mates…