Meet the team

This is a radio team. It’s not really like a sports team. Well maybe it’s like a sports team in the same way the Mighty Ducks were a sports team. Where nobody was really super good, but each player had his or her own special skill, like the kid who could skate really fast or the knucklepuck guy or the cowboy who used the lasso (we’re still not sure how that was acceptable practice in a game of ice hockey). We’ve all got one unique skill to bring to the table. Except for Cacklin’ Jack.


Originally named Pablo Fantastico, Andy has done very well adjusting to his new… check it out 


Andy’s ex-housemate Horgs is one of Australia’s greatest thinkers. When he’s not talking… check it out 


Hamish’s adorable, hard talking and sometimes rappin’ Grandma, makes a mean shortbread and… check it out 


The show’s Executive Producer Samee is a master of meetings, enjoys being right,… check it out