Brotherhood of Basset

Hello Bretheren/Sisterthren,

For five years we’ve fought. Fought for our right. Our right, to listen to Fred Basset on the radio. But, just as the Smurfs will tell you from their encounters with Gargamel, when good tries to prevail, evil will always try to douse that spirited flame. We will not be doused (especially since I’m wearing a new jumper).

Even though Basset has been cruelly wrenched from the air, the people shall still get their fix. Welcome to the resistance.

Each week on a Friday afternoon, the sacred Basset afternoon since time began or 2005 whichever came later, I shall upload this secret underground parchment, explaining the complexities of the worlds greatest cartoon, so that everyone may enjoy it. Please imagine it being read aloud.

Keep fighting. Without Fred, we may as well be dead.

Hamish. – Grand Overlord of the Brotherhood of Basset