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If you’re wondering what the podcast is all about, here’s how listnr describes it:

Australian comedy duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee continue to taunt each other and their button-pusher Jack with a weekly show that is more about their listeners than it is about themselves. People all over the world lean on Hamish & Andy to question and test the smaller things in life, no pondering too small.

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Hamish & Andy 2021 Ep 142

Latest Episode!

Show notes:

1. Canteen Duty  2. Thunder Castle breeding  3. Who’s checking the checker?  4. Mario Kart – Special skill audit 

Hamish & Andy 2021 Ep 141

Show notes:

1. T-shirt update with Horgs  2. Zio Pino’s pizza menu special skill  3. Chit Chat Champion  4. Thunder Castle’s big weekend race  5. Small Business Names 

Hamish & Andy 2021 Ep 140

Show notes:

1. New ‘Common Man’ merch  2. Thunder Castle’s first race  3. Horgs: Head of merchandise distribution  4. Fake Plants, yes or no?

Hamish & Andy 2021 Ep 139

Show notes:

1. Flight Party update with Safety Scott  2. Fish hammock  3. iPhone battery life – Special Skill  4. Impulse Club 

Hamish & Andy 2021 Ep 137

Show notes:

1. Meeting our ZED trainer  2. Danni’s accent – Special Skill  3. The greatest secret  4. Upset Andy 

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