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If you’re wondering what the podcast is all about, here’s how PodcastOne describes it:

Australian comedy duo Hamish Blake and Andy Lee continue to taunt each other and their button-pusher Jack with a weekly show that is more about their listeners than it is about themselves. People all over the world lean on Hamish & Andy to question and test the smaller things in life, no pondering too small.

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Hamish & Andy 2020 Ep 119

Latest Episode!

Show notes:

1. Secrets of Magic  2. Tell us someone we haven't thought of in a while  3. Big Man  4. Jack’s house sweep 

Hamish & Andy 2020 Ep 117

Show notes:

1. Lamenting Chicken Fest  2. Drum kit Subletter  3. Harry knows the price – Special Skill  4. Hame’s Health Quiz 

Hamish & Andy 2020 Ep 116

Show notes:

1. Celebrity Medicine Cabinet – Andy Lee  2. Giving back the kit  3. Big 4 fruits  4. Jack’s house sweepers  5. Hamish complains 

Hamish & Andy 2020 Ep 115

Show notes:

1. Impulse club - new arrivals  2. Song Sleuth  3. Pokemon Mike and the Sonny sting  4. Upset Andy  5. Tequila finish 

Hamish & Andy 2020 Ep 114

Show notes:

1. Power moves book unboxing  2. Fair footy trade  3. Brittany the Song Database - special skill  4. Unopened loyalty card check in  5. Andy is getting a dog 

More episodes: 1 2 3 4 5