Life Trix

Free pizza delivery lift: Need to get somewhere, don’t have a car but are near a delivery pizza shop? Order a pizza to the house you wanna go and grab a lift.

Fastest supermarket checkout: The customer service assistant who is smiling is usually the fastest check out person.

Save toilet paper money: Do all you poos at work. Save money on expensive toilet paper.

Save the tag of a tea bag: Place the tab of the tea bag under the cup, then pour the hot water so the whole thing doesn’t slide into the cup.

Double your batteries life: Keep your batteries in the freezer to double their life!

Spacebar page scroll: Pressing a spacebar when on a web page will move the page down automatically.

Ripen your avocado: Ripen an unripe avocado by putting it in a bag with overripe bananas overnight, then you can have ripe avocado tomorrow!

Sugar-free chewing gum test: To determine if a chewing gum piece is sugar-free or not, fold it in half; if it’s sugar-free, it’ll break, if it has sugar, it’ll bend.

In-direct time check: If you don’t want to appear rude when checking the time in a long meeting, discretely peer over at your neighbours wrist-watch.

Elevator floor bypass: When you wish to go direct to your floor in an elevator, skipping any level that has pressed the call button, simply hold the ‘Close Doors’ button.

Supermarket express: When you have only a few items at the supermarket, don’t always go straight for the 12 items line, have a look around at some of the normal lines, they might be shorter.

Answering machine bypass: On some phones you can press # to skip the voicemail message.

Petrol Pump Jam: When filling your car with fuel, jam the fuel cap under the hand nozzle of the pump, freeing yourself to attend to other matters on the car, like cleaning windscreen.