Jeremy Irvine for Andy By Hamish

Our favourite actor Jeremy Irvine is representing Australia’s favourite fragrance, as it’s secondary ambassador…

Jeremy wrote this note to our CEO Hamish Blake:

Dear Hamish,
Thank you for your mule delivered letter, it’s a pleasure to serve the company.

I know a lot of brands get actors to do side campaigns for their fragrances. I’ve been offered a few in the past and have always said no but when I smelt ABH for the first time, I knew this one was different.

If the board of ABH agree to the contract below I will sign off on the world wide rights to one photo (attached below and the standard set by Andy) as a side campaign to the wonderful work you’re already doing. I think you’ll agree it’s ‘Smart’, ‘Casual’ yet also ‘Summery’ for the upcoming holiday season in Australia.

I don’t usually negotiate my own contracts but I assume my agents will be more than happy with 12.5% of the following:

For an upfront, one off fee of i) ONE HAMISH AND ANDY TEASPOON and ii) A shout out to my brothers; TOBY and LAWRENCE and our friend ALICE, who introduced me to the show, I will sign off on the worldwide usage rights to the attached photo.

Sincerely but also casually,
Jeremy Irvine

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