Happy Hour Topics

Happy Hour is our attempt to discuss every single topic in the world, one topic per show, one show at a time. But we can’t do it without expert help, that’s where you come in, because you’re an expert on most things (your mum told us you were anyway).

Do not withhold your expertise from the people, join the show with a question, a theory, a story, an invention, an anything, on upcoming topics. Speaking of which…

Fads You’re Bringing Back

What trend from the past are you attempting to bring back into style?

Free Time

What do you do with your free time? Hobbies. Free time during school.


Attending conventions for fun, attending conventions for work, strangest thing you’ve seen at a convention

Homemade Clothes


Tip Of Your Tongue

What have you had on the tip of your tongue that we can help you solve?

Bad Ideas

If you work or worked for a company and would like to admit that in the past you put a bad idea out into the market - we will be celebrating the worst ideas that made it to the public.

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