Happy Hour Topics

Happy Hour is our attempt to discuss every single topic in the world, one topic per show, one show at a time. But we can’t do it without expert help, that’s where you come in, because you’re an expert on most things (your mum told us you were anyway).

Do not withhold your expertise from the people, join the show with a question, a theory, a story, an invention, an anything, on upcoming topics. Speaking of which…


Giving advice, bad advice you have received, advice you want to give to the people


Stories about Dentists, replacements for teeth, braces


TV Sitcoms, meeting sitcom actors, when your life was reminiscent of a sitcom

Toilet Talk

Keep it as clean as you can, but this show is dedicated to toilet talk (extra points for great stories that don’t involve poo)

World Records

Real world records and Hamish & Andy’s more-lenient Book Of Records

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