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Happy Hour is our attempt to discuss every single topic in the world, one topic per show, one show at a time. But we can’t do it without expert help, that’s where you come in, because you’re an expert on most things (your mum told us you were anyway). Do not withhold your expertise from the people, join the show with a question, a theory, a story, an invention, an anything, on upcoming topics. Speaking of which…


When have you witnessed genius? When have you outsmarted someone, or been outsmarted?

The Most Shameful Thing You’ve Done

This is a safe place, come forward with the most shameful thing you have done


Bongo drums, kettle drums, drum kits, drummers


Birthday cakes, cakes at school, cakes at work, unique cakes, cakes that didn’t work

Childhood Dilemmas

Problems you only faced when you were a child. What dilemmas were caused by being a kid that you don’t have to face as an adult?

Elaborate Pick Up Manoeuvres

Do you have, or have you seen, an elaborate pick-up manoeuvre?

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