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Happy Hour is our attempt to discuss every single topic in the world, one topic per show, one show at a time. But we can’t do it without expert help, that’s where you come in, because you’re an expert on most things (your mum told us you were anyway). Do not withhold your expertise from the people, join the show with a question, a theory, a story, an invention, an anything, on upcoming topics. Speaking of which…


Don’t go to web MD to diagnose yourself, tell us your ailments and we will diagnose you


Food that gets spoiled, Movie and TV Show spoilers, spoilers on cars

Kids Parties

Jumping castles, party clowns, party food, etc


Getting rid of hiccups, hiccups in life


Pizza restaurants, pizza chains, pizza delivery, delivery boys


Who is being a phoney in your life, and what did they do?

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