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Mon 24th April 2017

Latest Episode!

Show notes:


1 - Live cross to Hughsey & Kate - nobody helped Hughsey get Molly off the stage at the Logies last night

2 - Crowd Surfing Show - somebody in the crowd will win $5000

3 - Logies Gift Bag giveaway 

4 - Sophie Monk is announced as the new Bachelorette

5 - Crowd Surf Show - Who's on your resume?

6 - Andy Grammer - Chat

7 - Hamish's Edible Hinge update

Fri 21st April 2017

Show notes:

1 - There are times when you'd rather receive nothing, than the gift you were given

2 - Would you have preferred nothing?

3 - Crowd Surfing Show

4 - Song Cram

5 - An acquaintance of Andy's has changed the name of their baby after 7 months

6 - How long after birth did you change your babies name?

7 - Mind Reading sketch 

8 - Andy is excellent at getting a waiters attention for the bill

9 - Jazz Chat

Thur 20th April 2017

Show notes:

1 - Netflix have said their biggest competition is sleep

2 - Have you had to put yourself on a Netflix ban

3 - Jez's bit coin password hypnotism session part one

4 - Jez's bit coin password hypnotism session part two

5 - Jez is in the studio trying to crack the password 

6 - Everybody has a weird exercise person in their area

7 - Can we do a full live show while crowd surfing?

8 - Hamish has made a hypnosis tape for Andy to help him quit smoking

Wed 19th April 2017

Show notes:

1 - Car Wash in a Convertible - seeing the Saab for the first time & preparing to get wet

2 - Car Wash in a Convertible - going through the car wash 

3 - Do you feel like you've been in a convertible, but you actually haven’t?

4 - Car dealership trade-in game 

5 - Andy Blows Take That Wide Open

6 - Our bit coin journey has come to an unfortunate end

7 - Jez in studio explains why we can never access our bit coins

8 - Could we hypnotize the password out of Jez's head?

9 - Hamish's carnival game realization

10 - Script prank is back

Tue 18th April 2017

Show notes:

1 - Hamish & Zoe came up with some creative ways to get Sonny to stop eating Easter eggs

2 – The boys are selling their bit coin and debate the most fun way to spend the cash

3 - Hamish confesses he has actually already spent the bit coin money

4 - How to talk sport with your work colleagues

5 - Jack's highly anticipated second meme

6 - Andy got told the world’s most boring story on the golf course over the weekend

7 - Hamish has an Animal Kingdom question for Andy

8 - Ali from the car wash answers last minute questions ahead of tomorrow

Thurs 13th April 2017

Show notes:

1) Jack is attempting to gut and re-build an entire house, based on YouTube tutorials

2) Calls - Builders, throw your questions at Jack 

3)  Hamish saw a guy doing maintenance on a skill tester machine..

4) Calls - Skill Tester Secrets 

5) Hamish's edible hinge cake update. The Informer calls in again 

6) New musical coming soon - My Unfair Lady! 

7) Their bitcoin has gone up from $900 to $1500 - they'll both think over Easter what they want to spend the money on

8) A forgotten sub-culture: Saab owners! 

9) Calls - How's your Saab?

10) Our mate Tim Bartley has upset Andy's parents - he threw out the Vegemite from the holiday house

More episodes: 1 2 3 4 5